We All Have Them

We all have them.

Both of them.

Yes, we all have strengths and weaknesses. We all have some "redeeming qualities" but, like it or not, we all also have some "kinks in our armor". None of us has it as together as we think we do. And none of us is "the biggest loser".

Do you know your strengths? Do you know your weaknesses?

This Sunday, January 16, we continue our series on the State of the Church by looking into our strengths and weaknesses as a church. While I think West Pines is a great church full of health and potential, I need to also recognize that we have weaknesses.

So, what are they?
What is the good and bad about WPBC?

For the full answer to that, you'll have to come out Sunday to get the scoop. But let me whet your appetite by giving you one strength and one weakness:

Our weakness (one of them) is that we can have a "mindset of Martha". In Luke 10:38-42, we read the story of two women that were friends of Jesus - Mary and Martha. In Luke 10:38 it says, "But Martha was distracted with much serving . . ."

While Mary was at the feet of Jesus soaking in His every word as He taught them, Martha was distracted. While Mary was completely focused on Jesus Christ and desired to worship Him and learn from Him, Martha was distracted with serving. Which was great, but she lost focus on Jesus Himself, who is greater.

We at West Pines can fall into the mindset of Martha and get distracted, which causes us to lose focus on Jesus. He is who we serve and why we serve. Jesus is our Lord and Savior - let's not lose sight of Him as we serve others. We will talk more about the mindset of Martha this Sunday.

How about one of our strengths? This Sunday, I'll share several of our strengths, but here is one of them: West Pines is a unified church.

We are blessed to be part of a church that has very few detractors. Oh, there are some that may oppose the direction of this church, but they are few and far between. They are the minority. We are overwhelmingly on the same page, enjoying fellowship with one another as we together accomplish God's plan for His church. The spirit of unity at West Pines is a huge encouragement to me and it's easily visible to our newer people. The church of Acts enjoyed God's blessing and great health and effectiveness in reaching the lost because they were a church that was unified. You can read about their unity in Acts 2:42, 44-47, and 4:32-37.

I pray that this Sunday you will be encouraged by what is going on at West Pines as we address some weaknesses, but focus on our strengths.

Come out and be part of a church that is striving to be the Bride of Christ eagerly awaiting Christ our groom's return.

See you Sunday,
Pastor Paul

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