Discipleship Is Underrated

This past Thursday I was having breakfast with our Thursday morning Breakfast Boyz at our regular spot - The Cup & Saucer. Our discussion was about discipleship and I had some questions for them about their spiritual journey and how they were discipled or not . . .

Here's what I learned from our talk:

1) Discipleship can be formal (sit-down Bible Study) or informal (mentoring how to do life as a follower of Jesus).

2) Discipleship led to knowledge, yes - but more importantly, discipleship led to action. Serving Jesus, telling others about Jesus, leading families to know Jesus.

3) Discipleship early in their Christian life set a firm foundation to hold onto Jesus.

4) Because of being discipled in a local church, each man around our breakfast table was walking closely with Jesus decades after coming to know Him.
5) Those around the table came to Jesus later in life. In their 20's and 30's. This is not the norm since 90% of people come to know Christ before age 18. So, as adults, there was a hunger and willingness to be taught, mentored, and discipled.

This Sunday, January 23, we will talk about the role and responsibility of West Pines to be a disciple-making church. Jesus tells us in Matthew 28:19-20 to "Go make disciples". We must take this seriously. I personally saw this past Thursday morning the long-lasting impact of people being discipled within the local church. Let me share one other things I heard Thursday morning. I guess this would be #6:

Each of the men around that table have been involved in two keys to spiritual growth and church growth. Over the years, all these men have been:
1. Involved in small group Bible studies (Sunday School, men's groups, couples groups)
2. Involved in serving in the local church. (These guys are great servants)

I encourage you to take some time before Sunday to really study and meditate on Ephesians 4:11-16. This passage from God's word speaks to the role and responsibility of West Pines as a disciple-making church.

See you Sunday,
Pastor Paul
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